Cheese Whore (shugarmtn) wrote in indiemovies,
Cheese Whore

Children of Men

Please ignore this post if you have not seen Children of Men because I dont want to ruin it for anyone.... also if you fall into this last category, I suggest you go see it.

In the movie towards the end half, there was that long un-cut tracking shot before he runs into the building to find Key. You'll remember it by the blood on the camera, and thats exactly what I want to talk about. In this entire movie where you are never asked to step outside the belief that this isnt possible, infact the disturbing realness of the movie is often noted by many critics and in my opinion the movie does a great job of sucking you in. But in this moment, the blood on the camera makes every movement incredibly noticable and the audience members are given this Brechtian moment where you step outside and realize "oh yeah, I'm watching a movie".
I couldnt seem to understand why Alfonso Cauron would do that. It was obviously intentional. But it didnt fit in the story, theme, or flow of the movie. It does make you pay attention to how this was one long flowing shot, and its impressive, but shouldnt be that obvious that we are watching that.

The only conclusions I can draw were:
a) he was using this moment as more of documentary film making
-but this makes even less sense because up until this moment we never see this movie as a documentary
b) he was just showing off
-unfortunately this makes the most sense, but I dont see why he would need to in a movie thats already full of long tracking/hand held uncut shots (ex: the birthing scene).

Basically, I'm looking for other peoples ideas or explainations for this shot.
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