Dace (dace) wrote in indiemovies,

"Bacon. I smell bacon."

That's the opening line to a film I'm trying to find. It's spoken in a voice-over in the opening scene as the camera pulls away from the woman's face adorn with glasses and a wig. As the camera pans back, we see that the woman is lying on the pavement and paramedics are trying to revive her from a heroine overdose.

In the hospital, she meets this teenage boy who is sick with some chronic illness and who, to her dismay, follows her out of the hospitol. She shop lifts, he almost (accidently) gets her caught. There's a scene where she attempts to kick her addiction cold turkey by getting the kid to tie her up and instructing him to not untie her no matter what she says. Drama insues.

At the end, the kid's health starts failing and she drives him to this lake, which had some significance.

I saw this movie around 2002 on IFC. I cannot remember the title, the names of the actors, or any other information that would help me identify it, but I would much like to find it. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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